Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gordons tough to find??

Here's a beautiful picture of Milomix Berry. This dog is owned, and this picture kindly provided by Dr. William Wright, of Milomix. Please click on the picture to enlarge this beautiful photo...

One of the "knocks' on the Gordon by people unfarmiliar with the breed is that they are tough to see in cover. There may be some little bit of truth to that, but, I personally have never found it to be a problem.
If there is a lack of a Gordon's coloration standing out, I feel that it would be much more due to ambient lighting that the Gordon not showing up against the cover.
Beep collars, and bells for the traditionalists, solve the problem anyway. And, if you've got a smaller field Gordon, they tend to "pop" from cover as they rapidly move through it..
When the snow starts to fly, and the grouse woods are white, that perceived liability turns into a definite asset! Just imagine trying to pick out a Grouse Ridge Setter or Miller Pointer against a snowy background..
But, I think the above picture of Berry shows how a Gordon can stand out amidst typical cover..
That shining black coat is hard to miss.. and so is the birdwork..

Remember the three "B"s

Beauty, Brains and Birdsense...

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  1. Picking out a vizsla against fall foliage isn't exactly the easiest thing either.

    Berry is one heck of a good-looking dog, all the same.