Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hutchinson on Setters

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We've mentioned the volumes of the Hutchinson Dog Encyclopedia at the Bombshell before. This picture is taken from Hutchinson on Setters, and it's certainly a worthwhile investment for students of the various Setter breeds.
The facts that strike me most of the British gordons pictured in this volume is their absolute darkness... They appear to be virtually black. The tan areas must be a very deep mahogany, very much unlike some of the very bright Gordons I've seen in the US.. While some lines, like Belmor, tend to be darker with alot of penciling, there are others that are quite colorful, with the Tan being very light and bright.
I must say that I don't have a preference, but it once again reveals the variations in differing Gordon lines.

These Hutchinson books, while dealing with the British end on the breeds, are quite informative, and can be found from time to time on the internet auction sites..

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