Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life's little dilemmas..

I'm having some major work done on the old homestead later this month to conserve energy. I have to dig into an account to pay for it all, so I thought I might dig a wee bit deeper..
I've liked the Galazan RBL since it first came out. I don't care for choke tubes, but that is basically the only feature I dislike... It would be nice with a scalloped receiver where it meet the buttstock, but that's another issue.
Now, the dilemma.... I've got this little Ithaca/SKB 280 with 28" barrels, and the chokes opened for bird hunting. It's a 20 ga. like the RBL.
I know I would not be able to shoot the RBL any better than this gun, and probably be lucky to shoot it as well. I'd be gaining prettier wood, and a nice case colored receiver..
If I shot it as well as the SKB, (doubtful), the SKB would be relegated to a corner of the cabinet... if I didn't shoot it as well, the RBL would quickly find it's way to that same corner.
Now, guns don't eat anything or require any visible means of support, so that's kind of a moot point...

I've found upland nirvana in the little Ithaca/SKB, but I find myself wanting more...

Is this the upland dilemma that all we who tramp the uplands in search of elusive birds face?

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