Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Norm Sorby on Gordons...

We've spoken about Norm Sorby over at Springset Kennels quite a bit here. While Norm is one of those polarizing people; you either love him or you hate him, even his detractors cannot deny what he has accomplished for the Field end of the breed..
He started with great breeding stock from Alec Laurence, but what he did for the Gordon, he did singlehandedly..
Norm knows Gordons, period!! So, I give alot of weight to what he says...

Here is an excerpt from "The Field Gordon Setter... The Black and Tan Bombshell"

Acquiring a Gordon is like becoming a parent. When the dog is a puppy, it responds very much l;ike a small child. As it grows and develops the relationship shifts subtly. As an adult, the relationship between most owners and their Gordons becomes more like that of a parent with a teenager with whom they have a lot of rapport. The owner is still the dominant or controlling member of the partnership (let us hope), but it is definitely a partnership. The dog is less dependent and more a friend on a semi-equal basis.
To many people used to having dogs as pets, this description of a relationship between dog and human seems to be another case of a human getting carried away with a dog. But anyone who has had an intellegent Gordon and who has given it the opportunity to develop fully, will agree. There is definitely something in that dog's head thinking back at you.

I believe that anyone here who has spent time with a Field Gordon will recognize these words to be true...

Enjoy the day!

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