Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another siren calls...

Wednesday's are my day to go out to the gun club and practice with the bird guns. I once was much more serious about clay target shooting, and there were many years that saw me shoot 35,000 rounds per year.
Shooting every day took the thrill out of the games to a large extent for me, and it's only now that I can once again enjoy a friendly game of skeet and not look at it as a job.
Part of that renewed interest is shooting birdguns low gun, and not shooting for score or to impress anyone. I'm only a shooter of average ability, with a master eye opposite to my shooting hand, so to keep up with a "natural" shooter, I'd have to pump lots of rounds through a gun every year to stay sharp. I have no desire for that anymore!
Yesterday, a friend came out with a B. Rizzini Aurum Classic in .410. What a little beauty, and as often happens, he put this little O/U in my hands to shoot. Now, anyone that knows me will readily divulge that I have enough problems shooting my own guns, much less pick up a strange gun, and in .410 no less.
But, I shot the little gun, and pretty well. These Rizzini O/Us just seem to fit me.
I've been thinking about a .410 for a long time. Not to do anything serious with, but just enough to bring pups along. A single shot would be more than sufficient, but, that little Rizzini captured my imagination..
A friend has a Beretta 686 DU dinner gun that he "won" at an auction quite a few years back, for $2,000. He was drunk at the time, and seated near a young lady that he was trying to impress. That's the only justification I can think of for bidding $2K!!!
All he wants for it is what he's got into it.... But, I like the little Rizzini...

Stay tuned.... More to come!

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