Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In the arms of the angels

This blog would not be complete without mentioning the dog responsible for it's creation. That dog was Springset Gale Warning, or Duncan as we called him. I will publish many remembrances of him in future posts...

This past Sunday was a retrospective day. It brought to mind the words of the Sarah McLachlan tune, which touches my heart.
I was looking through closets for my digital scale to weigh a shotgun. I didn't find it, but, I did find a wicker basket, which contained items I was not prepared to discover..
It was all of my Gordon "Duncans" things that he had and used when he was of this earth. The cover from his last bed from LL Bean, with his name inscribed, his old "Star Wars" water bowl, and, his hand knit stocking that we used to hang on the "mantle" every year, along with those of everyone else.. All lovingly packed away... for what, I don't know. Maybe for times such as this. To remember the best dog I ever had..
He came to us from Norm Sorby's Springset Kennels in 1984. Norm termed a "Super Gordon", because he came from the best Sire & Dam that he had at the time, and maybe ever. There was something magical about these dogs and their capabilities! And, a few of his siblings went on to great things.. Maybe Duncan could have also, were it not for me. But, he was the best dog that ever was to me.

I'll have more tomorrow..


  1. Duncan is one fine-looking dog.. nice to see another picture of him. Hadn't known he'd come from Norm, but that makes perfect sense.

    I come across my old dogs' collars from time to time as well. I know that I wish I could see them all play together.


  2. Bill, that story really touched my heart and emotional side. I haven't gone through the loss of a special friend but mine is getting on up there in years. I know the sentimental feelings when discovering Duncan's things must have been overwhelming.


  3. Thanks for understanding, Skip..

    I don't mean for this site to be a downer for everyone, but, after almost fifteen years, I still avoid looking at his picture that hangs in the hallway...

  4. Bill, not a downer for me at all. It's a testament to how much love a man can have for a dog.


  5. I thought that name sounded familiar. We got our first Gordon from Norm in 1984 also. Her father was Springset Gale Force.

  6. Oops, it was 1988. My mental calendar is based on our kids' lives and I forgot which child was a year old when we got her. She was a great dog too, the kind that made everyone who met her want a Gordon Setter.