Friday, May 9, 2008

Who said Gordons don't like water?

Here's my Holly, taken about two years ago now out at my club on the mighty Peconic River. This little Gordon loves to swim, although if you come at her with a bucket of lukewarm water for her bi-annual bath, she shivers and shakes... typically Gordon.
All my Gordon's have been pretty much the same way, to a greater or lesser degree, and I believe that most Field Gordons would have no aversion to water if exposed at an early age. There have been times, with wood duck on the water, where she developed the infamous "selective hearing", and it took me some time to call her in.
Dogs in general are "natural" swimmers. Every dog possesses the ability to swim. Some may like the water more than others, but they all have it in them.
Swimming also makes the best hot weather exercise for a dog, bar none. It's a great way for a dog to burn off some steam, and get some great exercise during the approaching "dog days" of summer...
My girls will be hitting the water this summer, give your dogs a chance for some "water sports"...


  1. Bill,
    You know Libby and Eve were never near the water and one year camping on the Conejos River they took to it like a duck swimming back and forth across. I have short camera video's I took of them swimming.
    I still blame them for my not catching any fish. ;-)

  2. I think I remember your pictures of that trip, Lars.

    You'll have to find a place nearby where the girls can swim this summer.