Thursday, May 8, 2008

Of Gunners and Birdguns..

Met up with my old buddy Andrew, The Bronx Bomber, of Regal Vizsla fame for a couple of rounds of informal Skeet out at my club.
It was great to meet up with Andrew again, and finally meet Jozsi for the first time... I did miss a reunion with Momo though...
My reason for calling Andrew the "Bronx Bomber" will become readily apparent, as he showed up with one of the prettiest little 20 ga. boxlocks I've ever seen. A Webley & Scott produced 5 pound and change little marvel with 30 inch barrels. Pretty wood on the straight grip and nicely blued barrels.
And could he ever shoot this little wand of a birdgun. Lots of guys around with purpose built Skeet guns just shaking their heads in disbelief, as target after target created ink balls in the sky! And, low gun shooting to boot! My heart has to go out to any birds unlucky enough to have Andrew, his remarkable Vizslas, Momo and Jozsi, and that light little birdgun come across them this season.. It's certain meat in the WingWorks vest!
I, on the other hand have been staying with the 20 ga. Ithaca/SKB 280, and I'm quite pleased with the results it's been giving me. Particularly with my light 3/4 ounce reloads that I've become so fond of! One trigger is working for me, and, for the coming year, the 280 has already earned it's place as my "go to" gun..
Only time will tell...

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  1. Blowing smoke again, Bill! I'm glad you got to meet the litle guy -- as much as you and I like Momo, Jozsi might be a genius... or an idiot savant.

    And that shotgun is a sweet little gun, but being so light, especially with the straight-wrist on it, if you remember what to do, you have a great day! But if you get lazy... well, I have enough 'Ray Charles' posts on my blog as testimony to how unforgiving a side-by-side can be if you don't pay attention.

    Great to see you and hope we'll get to do this again sometime soon.