Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A hike up Snowy

Snowy Mountain is the dominant landmark in my neck of the woods in the Adks. It's scarred peak can be picked out for miles in any direction, and while I've hiked many of the mountains in the area, Snowy has eluded me. My son has done it at least four times, and I feel that if I don't attempt it soon, it will be beyond me..
So, if you'd like to take a hike up Snowy, check out Mountain Visions for a guided hike, and some magnificent views taken from the old fire tower,
In the old days, these fire towers were manned on a daily basis, and I know folks who used to do the hike up and down some of these mountains on a daily basis to man a tower. That's a job for young men, but, the old Adirondackers were tough, and many did it, and other jobs in the woods when they had become somewhat "long in the tooth." I respect these local folks greatly for their toughness, grit, and "do it myself" attitude..

The picture at the heading was taken from the hill behind my camp on a hazy summer day. That craggy mountain is Snowy, the other side of Indian Lake.

So, take the hike up Snowy and enjoy some beautiful Adirondack scenery..

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