Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Storm Cloud Gathering?

A recent NYS Department of Environmental Conservation press release states..

DEC has announced a new initiative to switch to "green ammo" from lead based ammunition for firearms training to help reduce the impact from lead at firing ranges.
The ammunition DEC will be using is considered "green" because it is lead free and includes non-toxic primers. This combination greatly reduces the impact of firearms training on the environment. Lead poisoning is a serious human health risk and excessive exposure to lead, primarily from ingestion, can cause increased mortality rates in cattle, sheep and waterfowl.
DEC is currently phasing in the new ammunition with the agency's 330 environmental conservation officers and 134 forest rangers. The DEC expends over 150,000 rounds of ammunition annually, including during regional in-service training exercises, as well as at the Department's 26 week residential basic training academy.

For more information about lead in bullets, go to EPA's website at:


We've got a new DEC Commissioner in NY, Pete Grannis, appointed by our illustrious former governor, the legendary Eliot Spitzer, over the objections of Sportsmen, Environmental groups, and almost everyone else who had an interest.
Does Mr. Grannis expect DEC officers, the most powerful Peace Officer in the State, BTW, to train with one type of ammo and expect to enforce laws against possible violent offenders with another??
Pete Grannis is a political hack fresh from NYC politics. His appointment gave former Governor Spitzer another chance to flex his muscles (no, not that one) and thumb his nose at the people of the State of New York...
In any case, with Commissioner Grannis at the helm, I fully expect much more stupidity to follow..
I know this.. I'm laying in lead in 6's, 7 1/2's, and 8's even if the price is high... We're in a whole new environment with folks like Pete Grannis at the helm.


  1. That would be funny if it wasn't serious. I have loaded my share of green bullets before, .30 caliber Nosler Ballistic Tips to be exact. Does that qualify?

  2. I don't think those would pass the "Grannis" test, Skip!
    Now, maybe compressed puffed rice formed into bullets....