Friday, May 2, 2008

A little bit of this, A little bit of that..

First, I'd like to start everyone's day with one of the neatest little video clips I've ever seen. I stumbled across it at the Cold Duck Blog, a group of upland bird hunters who prowl coverts in the Adirondacks.
To sample the dancing woodcock, click here...

Second, I'd like to thank Dr. Shawn Wayment at Birddogdoc's Chronicles for adding the Bombshell to his bloglist. Shawn has a great site, and we're greatful for the recognition..

Third, For a Friday morning laugh, check out Glyn Davies' blog "A view from rural Wales". Scroll down to a post from May 1, entitled "What's the World coming to"..
I can relate to this post as I'm kind of an "au naturale" guy myself... As far a sniffing seats??? No comment!
Check it out here...


  1. That is one cool little video of the woodcock doing the worm dance. No time at all for that worm to go down the hatch. I still have yet to see one on the ground before the flush.
    Where Mr. Davies article is concerned, I prefer not to smell another man sweat. I've been using something called Dr. Burt's "The Defender" Herbal Deodorant which has Sage oil. I love the smell of Sage. Reminds me of the Sage Hen hunts in Colorado. :-)

  2. I thought the video was great myself. Those guys hunt out on Tug Hill, so, that's another interesting aspect.
    I'll have to look into Dr. Burt's Defender..