Thursday, November 20, 2008

The genius of John Olin

Lord knows I love to swim against the tide, and do things just a little bit different from everyone else, and that's why I considered having the RBL reverse choked, as John Olin of Winchester fame espoused, and put into practice with some Model 21 Skeet guns.
John Olin was a thoughtful man, and he reasoned that for a right-handed shooter, the left barrel on an SxS sould be fired first and carry the more open choke. I carry no engineering degrees, or any other kind for that matter, but common sense tells me that this is correct. The left barrel should recoil more in a straight line than the left, giving an easier task of lining up a bird, feathered or clay, for the second barrel..
I like the idea, and almost proceeded that way when I had the chokes of the SKB 280 opened by Briley.. But, triggers are often set with a slightly lighter pull on the first barrel as a means to prevent doubling... So, while I might have given this worthy idea a try with the SKB, I have no intention of upsetting the applecart with the RBL by requesting a modification that no one else will be asking for or even consider...
Sometimes good ideas are still good ideas, but better left alone..

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