Thursday, November 6, 2008

I went and done it...

Tuesday night, I ordered the new RBL in 16 ga. from Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company.

I ordered a pistol grip stock, splinter forend, single trigger, and the 4X wood upgrade. The chokes of the 29" barrels will be opened to Skeet/ Light Modified at my request..

I wanted to finish out my career with a sixteen, preferrably American made, and it looks like that will happen..

Now, the hard part begins... Waiting! If I didn't place an order, the time would fly, but, once I know it's coming, I'll be countin' the days..

Funny how that works!

Hopefully, I'll have found Upland Nirvana by the time this process is through.. Next summer's clay target forays leading up to next season will tell the tale...

Stay tuned!


  1. Hey--congratulations Bill.
    Good move on the 16--being that it is the perfectly balanced choice and all. I look forward to the pics and more detailed info.

  2. Conrats on the new gun Bill.
    I hope you enjoy it and it serves you well.

  3. Thanks guys!

    I hope it works out...