Thursday, November 13, 2008

Idle musings

Why do folks always want what they can't have?? And when they do possess it without fully realizing it, they are unhappy anyway??
One of life's conundrums?? Maybe so!

I'm struck by the folks that want dogs that are beyond their experience and expertise. Also the time they have to devote to the dog to become a friend and partner, and an efficient worker in the field.
Why do these folks think that excellence can be bought, without putting in any time or paying their dues? Why do these folks look upon their hunting partner, the one with the nose, and quite often the brains, as a tool? Buy it, send it for training, put it to use. Let it lounge around all week, expect Snakefoot on the weekend!
Some of these folks might already have a nice little dog that possibly didn't come along fast enough for their liking.. Are bionic dogs, little robots on the horizon??
This stuff makes me crazy!

I believe that most sportsmen respect the game they take.
I've been reading up on Native American culture. They took the game they needed... No more, no less, and made use of everything! They respected the game, and gave thanks to the animal and the Great Provider for allowing the animal to offer itself up for the tribe's survival.
What a far cry from the folks that determine the success of the hunt by how heavy the game bag is..
Maybe we were all that way at one time. Maybe it's the impatience of youth..
I guess I just have questions about myriads of game being displayed so carelessly on tailgates, as to show our dominion over the creatures of the earth...
Maybe I'm just gettin' old!

Maybe I'm a relic from a different time... Maybe!


  1. This is something I've been thinking about lately, too.
    I hope that I never think of my dog as only a tool.
    I know that some do, and my pragmatic mind, doesn't fault that; the side of me that sees myself reflected in the eyes of my dog hopes and aims for something more.
    My new setter Tucker is my friend and I need the patience to see him develop over time into what his breeding has in store.
    I've bought him for a sum, bought the price of time and patience is the added cost I aspire too.
    Shame on me, if I set him aside due to my own shortcomings.

  2. Exactly, John...

    You're one of the guys that just "gets it..."