Monday, November 17, 2008

Lyme strikes the pack

Sandy, the smallish English Setter, has been coming up lame after extensive runs, and lately, after less than extensive runs.
We started thinking Lyme disease, and had her checked out this past Saturday.. Sure enough, the snap test showed a positive, so it's three weeks of doxycycline for her before a retest.
The doxy has always managed to knock these infections out after one round of treatment, and sometimes two.
She gets her Frontline every month without fail, but it only takes one tick to pass the spirochete..

We'll know in three weeks if we have been successful in treatment..

More to come...


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  2. Sorry to hear this Bill,
    Hope the Doxy knocks it right out of her.
    I hate ticks

  3. Sorry for your bad news, Bill. Hope Sandy's ready to help you find a Christmas grouse.

  4. Good luck to Sandy! Hopefully the doxy will work its magic. Better to catch it now and try to get ahead of the Lyme curve.


  5. Thanks all.

    Ticks and tick borne illnesses are a way of life here. If a person is to spend any time afield, they can expect to find ticks on themselves and their dogs..
    I haven't had a dog in many years now that has not needed to be treated at one time or another. I myself, have been lucky. The Doc's think I have some kind of immunity..
    I do worry about the dogs though...

  6. I hate ticks! I hope the very best for your setter dog!


  7. Bill,
    I can't believe I've been here for 2 seasons now and have not seen a tick. The girls get Frontline + and I spray my hat, vest and chaps with permithrin. I know it won't last.
    Give Sandy a kiss on the head for me.

  8. I never pick up ticks in the ADKs either Lars...

    and, I'll be sure to give her that kiss!