Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holly on the farm

We'll be kicked off the farm between Thanksgiving and Christmas as the farmer tries to maximize profits by offering hay rides on a cart being pulled by the tractor, with hot cider afterwards. All the folks from NYC come out with the kiddies to cut a Christmas tree and get a taste of the country.
Obviously, shotgun blasts and birds dropping out of the air would offend their sensebilities, not to mention the landowner's pocketbook when the irate cityfolk never return with the kiddies.. I don't blame him, he needs to maximize profits from every acre he tills, and leaves alone.
There is alot of pressure for acreage down here..
There are RC airplane flyers..
Bowhunting groups who like to shoot targets during the summer...
The local hunt club, ride to the hounds and foxes dontcha know, in full regalia, and trample everyone's property, leased or not..
ATV riders, another group that tramples the rights of others...

The list goes on and on, so we're lucky to have a place to stretch our legs, in spite of some restrictions.
I've got a few other places to duck into in the meantime, but there's more pressure..

Once deer season closes in the Adirondacks, we'll be hittin' the birds up there... provided the creek don't rise and there's not too much snow on the ground.
This season we might just get lucky...

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

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