Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some days 'ya can't win fer losin'

I had a couple of hours free yesterday, and since the small game season opened here on November 1, I figured to take the Gordon up to the farm to try to scare up a bird. Warm air was moving in, and it was heavily overcast and threatening rain.
Holly pointed her first bird nicely, and I proceeded to whiff with both barrels. This with the 20 ga. SKB that had been so good to me all summer on clay targets! Go figure!! So, once again my love/hate relationship with the twenty gauge rears it's ugly head..
The little Gordon, now running with her mouth fully agape due to the warm humid air, proceeds to bump the next two birds. No need to yell. She knows better, and realizes she screwed up without me pounding it into her head. I did bring her back and stand her up where she knocked the birds however!
To add insult to injury, the last bird of the day tried to screw me into the ground, and I mounted the gun out on what, these days, I laughingly call a bicep. I never do that! I've always prided myself on having a good and consistent gun mount, and I can't even remember the last time I missed my shoulder pocket...
So, it's back to fundamentals.. Wood on Wood! Head down and eye on the target. Forget how good the little gun was to me all season ! Maybe some hard lessons that need to be relearned.. But, the newest savior will be here for next season.. Once again we'll play the endless game of "musical guns."

The season can only get better from here!


  1. Well, it sounds like you two had a good time, Bill.
    A couple of weeks ago a grouse bumped up by Tucker came right at me and nearly took my hat off.
    I also screwed half way into the ground following it.
    Tons of fun!
    So much for foot work and posture while shooting at clay birds.

    All bets are off in the woods where game birds fly.

  2. Thanks John... Yeah, we had a good time anyway..

    Lars, Your comment just cracked me up! Thanks for a laugh... You know what they say.. Misery loves company! lol

  3. That SKB treated you good all year; Id stick with it. Had a woodcock play games with me tonight. He won too. He let me walk all around him and even kick a little. Waited until I was walking away from him to the other side of the thicket to flush.

  4. Bill:

    Stick with that SxS! At least you're finding birds with that pretty little dog of yours. If it was easy, it wouldn't be called hunting.

    Off to Maine next week to try our luck with some later season pa'tridge.


  5. Love your blog site! There's a new little black n' tan bombshell here, I can't wait to get out with him for some bird play! Mersey (my boy!) and littermates are featured at a new site, Keystone Gordon Setters - http://www.keystonegordons.com. Drop by for a visit sometime - I am trying to talk E (site owner & owner of my pup's dam) into doing a blog as the pups mature.

    Thanks again for sharing such a great site,

    Peg and Mersey
    Houston TX