Saturday, November 8, 2008

More on the 16

I'm in the process of getting the 16 ga. reloader going in anticipation on the RBL's arrival... A little premature, I know, but I'm excited!
I noticed that Graf & Sons has 16 ga. primed paper hulls on their website. I love the smell of freshly fired paper hulls... it adds to the upland experience, and takes one back to a simpler time.
BUT, at $19 per hundred, or even $90 for five hundred, I'll stick with the aroma of semi-cooked plastic. That's 20 cent's per hull no matter how you slice it... While it's true that I was born at night, it wasn't last night!
I've got a bin full of Federal purples, some old RST's, and some black Remingtons. That will keep the 16 ga. press fed for quite some time!

I wonder why being retro is so expensive??

Have a great weekend, everyone....


  1. Because no matter how cool we think 16ga or 2.5in chambered guns are, we're still in the minority.

    If you ever want some once-fired 2.5in 20ga hulls, paper and plastic, let me know!


  2. I'm very happy being in the minority, Andrew!

    I like shooting something different from everyone else. Having a lack of components and the need to reload just adds to the mystique...

    If it was easy, everyone would do it.