Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rescue, Rescue, Rescue

A Piece of the purest Challenge has a timely article on gundog rescue, a service that is sorely lacking for gundogs of any Sporting breed.
Sure, the AKC breed clubs usually have a rescue arm dealing with their particular breeds, but these breed clubs are highly show dog oriented, so little help is available for the field ends of the breeds.
Add to the fact that these folks are often difficult to deal with, and help for needy dogs is often hard to come by.

Find a reliable and agenda free rescue organization and contribute time or money, or both. Attempt to find homes for the many gundogs and trial dogs that need them..

The world will be a better place!


  1. Hello All,

    We rescued a male setter of about 2 years old a few years ago from these folks. They are careful in the placements and actually sent someone out to the house to interview us and look the place over.
    A little much, I thought at the time, but a good idea--considering the trauma to a dog brought on by yet another change, if things don't work out.

  2. Sorry--I forgot the url.

  3. That's good to know, John..

    Good Rescue organizations should be lauded and recognized.. publicized also for folks that may need them.

  4. Bill: at least in the northeast, all the major vizsla clubs have a rescue division. I have conducted home visits and interviews for our club while we lived in Maine. I know our club, the Vizsla Club of Central New England, has coordinated rescues from all over the country. This week's coming NVA Nationals in AZ are providing a great hand-off point for potential owners to meet and adopt field vizslas.