Monday, January 12, 2009


Are the works of the current crop of Master Italian engravers sich as Galeazzi and Fricassi giving way to the young "turks" at Creative Art?
Some will always want classic English scroll, with perhaps a dog scene, or gamebirds, either upland or waterfowl, or some mixture of it all.. But, some will wish to go a bit further to achieve something just a little different, as the lead photo of a Fabbri from Creative Art shows..
It's called "Fantasy" engraving, and it's being applied to the world's finest, read most expensive, firearms. I happen to like it, but i've always had champagne tastes on a beer budget..
I've never been a fan of the deeply cut Germanic style of engraving, although I have seen some fine examples, but the style and often the subjects, do not thrill me like the fine Italian Bulino (bank note) style. But, taste is a very subjective virtue, and there really is no right or wrong..
For those that would like to see more of the work of the Masters at Creative Art, click here... Click all the links, paying particular attention to the Fantasy scenes..
More examples can be found at the Ivo Fabbri site.. Scroll down to "Engraving Examples"... Peruse them all, but once again, pay particular attention the the Fantasy examples..

I enjoy the Fantasy engraving... What's not to like, and it's fun to dream...

Enjoy your Monday!

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