Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

and that's what it's doing out on New York's Tug Hill Plateau, a popular and productive grouse destination..

Looks like the season is OVER!

Check out this link.. That stick on the right is measured in feet, not inches!


  1. enjoy your blog. came across it thru the tug hill link. I will stop back. visit me at

  2. Bill, looks like an old fashioned winter up on The Hill. I remember my first drive through there in 1978, on a trip from Buffalo to Franklin County to visit my then fiancee's parents. Route 81 was literally a roofless snow tunnel, with banks way over the top of our car.

    When I married the pretty young lady a year later, her Dad hooked me up with a Stevens pump 20 gauge, a beagle, and snowshoes to go chase "white rabbits." That's how I spent my first 10 years afield. Those were great times!

    But for bird hunting in those conditions, not so much, eh?

    If the snow melts enough to get into the woods, the Salmon and Sandy Creeks will wash out the bridges so I won't be able to get there anyway ;-(

    Guess we'll all just have to wait.