Monday, January 26, 2009

New Year's resolution

Yeah, I know... I hate them too, and never follow through on them, or have yet to up to this point!
But, this year I resolve to get into the habit of taking a camera with me on most outings. Often, when I am out I see things that I would like to record for posterity, and never have the means to do so..
I often can't figure how some folks get their dogs on point, or pics of birds in the air. I always thought that if I'm workin' dogs, the object is to work dogs, and there are little enough hands available even with two people! Stopping the action for a photo-op seems superfluous...If in the field, the first priority is to culminate the hunt.
But, I'm getting older, and it would be nice to have some visual mementos to look back on when I'm confined to the porch...
We'll see as the year progresses if this is just another one of those unfulfilled promises to myself...

More to come..

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