Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A favored Winter Passtime

Watching the birds at the feeders..

They're antics never fail to make me laugh out loud, and they've all got different personalities!
The Cardinals, as shown seem very dominant, and don't care for other birds in the vicinity while they're feeding..
The Tufted Titmouse, a placid little bird... Very gentlemanly
Goldfinch.. a real little beauty!
The Chickadee, a real pleasure to have around. Beautiful little birds and very mellow..I always enjoy looking out to see a Chickadee..
This year, we've had very many Juncos.. They make a helluva mess. They kick ten seeds off with their feet for every seed they eat. But, they leave alot on the ground for the Doves and Sparrows.
The ever present Blue Jays, with their raucous vocalizations and rambunctious attitudes.. Pretty much the dominant bird down here.
The Red Headed Woodpecker.. A beautiful bird that does not come on a regular basis, but is always a treat to watch..
There's also a bird that is new this year and I've yet to identify. It looks like a small finch, with a light greed body and wings that resemble a sparrow.. I've got to dig out the guide.

And then... The dreaded squirrels, who's numbers this year are great. I won't do them any harm for eating the expensive Sunflower Seeds, but they can sure tick me off.. Hell, the squirrels don't have the reasoning power to figure out that I put the seeds out for the birds and not for them, and the way I look at it, they're just tryin' to get through another day with as little strain and pain, just like me!
But this year there is a new twist.. I hung a "Cobs-a-twirl" from the birch tree.. It holds four corn cobs, and is free to turn as the squirrels jump for a cob. I haven't had it up long enough yet to provide any antics, but from accounts at the feed store, the little rodents can provide endless entertainment with it...

Time will tell, but in the meantime, I enjoy all the wildlife that show up for a free meal "on me"..

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