Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nice to see this blog still here!

This is my first post here.
Well, what do you think????


  1. I'm very pleased to see you post, Lee!

    You just improved my outlook on people by about 1,000%!

    I sure hope that you'll be a regular contributor..

  2. Us Has-beens need to stick together!

  3. Lee:

    So nice to someone besides Bill rant on over here! Welcome and happy new year!


    PS. Team Vizsla still loves you, Bill.

  4. Hi Andrew. Nice to see you here as well.
    I wondered where you disappeared to.
    Bills' not wrong. His delivery just needs a little polishing. :>)
    He doesn't have to worry about that here.

  5. Thanks for all the support, gentlemen!

    Lee is right.. I definitely have some sharp edges that could use a bit of stoning, and I sometimes shoot from the hip, but my aim is usually true.

    I speak from the heart..

  6. It turns out some of my favorite folks are hanging out here. If you don't mind, I'll hang out too. I've always been very direct. Some folks find it un-nerving but I think it is important to be succinct and say what we mean. no one REALLY wants to play games while we dance around the issues. I say-- get to the meat of the matter so we can better communicate and understand each other. I like you Bill-- rough edges or not. I think you're actually pretty much of a Teddy bear. Turns out I'm crazy about lee too. You're all a good lot!

  7. I'am here about every day and have been for a long time and will be until Bill kicks me off!! HI LEE!!


  8. Geez, Bill, I had no idea I'd kick-off such a lovefest! Hey, it's the nice part about blogging... if someone doesn't like it, they can go someplace else (and you don't have to put up any of their comments). Incidentally, the only person I've genuinely censored was my brother-in-law.

    And Lee, I didn't really disappear... just migrated.

  9. I appreciate ALL the folks that come and read, and all the folks that post their thoughts.. I believe that my friend Grousehunter 12 has read my drivel every day this blog has been in existence, and I appreciate it.. I'll delete myself before Ted, or anyone else that can put up with a grouchy old codger like me!

  10. Hi Ted. Nice to see you here.
    with all that's been going on, that chicken feet soup recipe just might come in handy after all.

  11. Hey Lee and the rest of you opinionated cantankerizers.

    Bill--ya just need to take more careful aim with that delivery.

    I hope to see a wee more participation here as well.

  12. I don't have many thoughts to post, Bill, just enjoy reading all your cool little tidbits. Especially the ADK stuff. Also wanted you to know I'm still with ya, too, and if you're a grouchy old codger then so am I. You're just better at it.

  13. I'm better at it because I have earnestly practiced my craft, Dave!!
    I've got it down to a fine art... LOL