Monday, April 7, 2008

Another quotation

this one by the Dean of Birddog Sporting Literature, the inimitable George Bird Evans.. This is not among the quotes by GBE that we all know and love, but a bit more obscure...

"Until you have bred dogs and have drawn and painted them, it is difficult to realize that no two are identical in conformation. You need do no more than gun for a day over two of them to recognize that each is an individual. It requires the intimacy of daily living with a dog to know the subtle quality of his mind, the ham-smell of his ears, and that his wet nose in your mouth tastes salty."

George Bird Evans


  1. Bill,
    Permit me if I may another quote by G.B.E. from Living with Gun Dogs because one is just a teaser for more.

    "The charm of gunning over dogs is the charm of dreams, the things we hope will happen, a continuum of things that did. We share this wonderment with our gun dogs"


  2. Thanks Lars,

    I love quotes, and can really never get enough of them here... Particularly by one of my favorites, GBE.

  3. Bill (& Lars): thanks for the two great GBE quotes. Will need to look some out of my own.

    Bill: where did your quote come from?


    PS: I remember reading the story of Gelert when I was boy back home in Scotland. It broke my heart then -- still does now. I have also been to Beddgelert several times, having guided in Snowdonia National Park for a summer. Beautiful spot.

  4. I honestly can't tell you where that quote came from, Andrew. I have a tablet that I've stored dog quotes in for a good many years now. When I read something that strikes me, I enter it in the book with the authors name... nothing more.

    I've never been to North Wales, but, I've been told that it's one of the most beautiful places on earth. I'm from Southwest Wales, Abergwaun.. The Gwaun Valley is a very impressive spot also... The type of place to have my ashes scattered... if I go that way...