Thursday, April 3, 2008

Quality from the Knotsmith

Here's an item that I believe every dogman and birdhunter deserves, and, in my opinion, should treat himself to... A custom made whistle lanyard by Larry Smith, aka the Knotsmith.
These lanyards are simply beautiful, and, since we only pass this way once, I've got two. The one pictured here was made in 2006, and features my colors of choice, Black & Tan... what else?? It's also a few inches longer than standard, because I prefer whistles to fall around my belly, instead of the breastbone area.
Larry thought that this color scheme was really rich looking, and he's got a few on his website that are very similar.
Admittedly, these are not cheap, but for those that appreciate the best, there are none finer, and they are custom made per the owner's requests..
Do something nice for yourself... Think about your color scheme, and give Larry Smith, The Knotsmith, a call.

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