Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ithaca/SKB 280

Here's the obligitory "artsy fartsy" photo of my 20 gauge, 28" barreled SKB 280. This is the gun I refer to as my "poor man's RBL."
The guns with 28 inch barrels come choked Mod/Full, so, the first order of business was to have the chokes bored to Skeet/Light modified by Briley. The buttstock was a little short also, so, the butt and forend went off to a local stocker, whom I know from PRSC, to add an Old English pad, and recut the checkering that SKB so thoughtfully fills with finish..
I've got some 3/4 ounce 2o ga. loades loaded up, and plan to shoot a little Skeet with her today. This will be the first test of my shoulder that was fractured and dislocated last August also.
As of this moment, I plan on this gun seeing action as my bird gun of choice for the coming season...

Time will tell...


I'll call our first outing a success! Missed a few targets attributable to general rust (me, not the gun), and forgot to flick the auto safety off twice (damn those things!). The gun felt good and broke properly pointed targets with authority.. As for the 3/4 ounce loads, all I can say is "Where have you been all my life?" Recoil is virtually non-existant, targets are well broken, and saving 1/8 ounce of shot per shell appeals to my more frugal side..
Now to load more 3/4 ounce loads...


  1. I like that SKB.
    I took a friend out to a gun club I belonged to in Colorado and he lent me his SKB O/U 20 gauge. I don't remember what model or chokes. All I remember is I couldn't miss a quail that day. It was divine.

  2. Thanks Lars!

    I think the little gun is gonna' work out pretty well for me. With the lite loads, it was sweet to shoot..

  3. Bill: been loving my 20ga... it's only proofed for up to 7/8oz, so I've got no choice. And am glad for it. Let's go shoot some clays some time.


  4. We'll do that Andrew!

    I'll try to light a fire under our other friend also... What about Fred and Bob M.???

    Maybe we could get the whole crew together someday??

  5. Geez, if you're offering to host out at PRSC, let's bring the whole crew! I know Bob would be up for a shoot. Want to stay close to home or feel like taking a trip up to New Paltz?


  6. Andrew,
    Yourself and the guys are welcome out at PRSC any Wednesday. No one would want to make the trek out on the weekends..