Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Heart.. Part lll

Pal Joey

Suffice it to say that the '90's saw a fairly radical change in style, type, and performance of many Gordons running exclusively under the AKC. The show breeders interested in putting watered down field titles on their dogs are taking more control of the Field segment of the breed. There was always a rift, with accusations flying about certain breeders having an interest is splitting the breed, and so on. The show types are consolidating their stranglehold on the breed, to the detriment of field standards.
There are still many bright spots in this era, however. Pal Joey, The Bladerunner, Shadowfax Casey Jones, the Belmor dogs, the dogs from DoubleDee Kennels, Gordon 'Ach Remington Steel, Randy Mackey's WildWing Raven, Sure To B, Ismus Be the One, among others are still true Field Gordons, and making their presence felt, but, the march toward the "dual dog" is on, and the movement will take a greater hold amongst breeders who consider themselves "the keepers of the flame". Unfortunately for the noble Gordon Setter, the only flame they keep is the burning branch of mediocrity.

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