Monday, April 28, 2008

Something you've got to see

I've been to birddogdoc's site many times to read, but I never noticed the Youtube video clips on the right sidebar. I saw something I'd love to lift for this site, because it's sooo relevant, but, my conscience forces me to post original content...
I just wish I had thought of it myself....
It's an old video clip of The Everly Brothers singing "Birddog". It strikes me on two levels: one, the obvious, a birddog tune on a birddog site.. two, that I'm old enough to remember this song when it was popular.
I like the Everly Brothers then, and Don and Phil's harmonies still do it for me 50 years later..

Go over to Birddogdoc's Chronicles, listed in my blogroll, and listen to a bit of Americana.... at least for us older guys.

If you'd like a link to "Birddog", click here...

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