Monday, April 28, 2008

A warm welcome

to our newest contributor, Skip, The Snipe Hunter.

Skip and I have been frequenting the same Bulletin Boards for a few years now, and I've come to know him, and respect him, as the ultimate authority on the gunning of the little bird he treasures, the snipe.
I've gained a lot of knowledge on a subject I knew absolutely about by reading Skip's post, looking at his photo essays, and following his exploits in search of snipe.

I'm very glad to have Skip as a contributor, and look forward to any comments he'd like to offer... Skip is a true "Renaissance Man"... and we're proud to have him.


  1. Bill, I really appreciate that. A few years ago I realized there were few to no sites dedicated to the bird I have hunted more than any other over the last thirty-plus years. The only option that left me with was to carry the water. Since that time I have enjoyed meeting a few other snipe hunters as well as other outdoorsmen that enjoy seeing pictures and reading stories about something different than what they are able to experience for themselves. You have done a great job with this blog and I look forward to reading it.


  2. Your website is a great effort, Skip. You're ine of the most knowledgable and interesting guys on the "innanet", and I was not blowing smoke when I said it was an honor to have you here...