Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopedia

The image on the left is an old oil painting from the collection of a Mrs. T. Rishworth, showing what is believed to be a Gordon of the day holding a grouse. The painting is by Richard Ansdell, and appeared in Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopedia, England, circa 1935....

The image to the right is a head study of a much darker Gordon. Again, from the Hutchinson's Dog Enclycopedia of 1935.

These two images underline the eclectic color variations that a Gordon Setter can take on even today, due to the Duke's constant mixing and matching, ans stirring of the genetic soup. I've seen a number of Gordons nearly pure white. Some attribute to the influx of English setter blood, which is known to have been done, and may still be being stirred in. Most is rumor, but, with the Gordon's varied background, and efforts to set type being a relatively recent trend in the history of dogdom, who can really say?

By the way, for the well heeled, I see Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopedia on various web auction sites in the $600 +/- range for the three volume set... For those that like to have everything.

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