Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Murphy's Law

strikes again!!
Holly came into season on Saturday.. pretty much true to form. I'll run her anyway since I hunt alone and there are no other dogs about. The hormonal changes messes with her head a bit, and she will not show her true form, but she'll be good enough for the early season,
Now, for the true gist of this post. Holly lives in the luxury kennel with us, so, we have little hotpants for her that take regular feminine napkins. On Saturday when she came in heat, we were all out. My wife was at work and I had to stock up myself.
Now, I doubt that many of the male readers have had to shop for these things in some time. I know that I haven't!
The selection these days can be bewildering! Minis, Regulars, Maxis... labeled in English and Spanish (what's up with that?), with "wings", without wings, with a tongue (there's one I still can't figure), and without.. Extra thick, you get the picture..
And the price... all exactly the same! What about unit pricing??

In any case, I seem to have gotten the wrong kind, but usable nonetheless... I'll have my wife stock up for six months hence...

Maybe a male is in my future again??

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