Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pretty Missy

A description of Pretty Missy, in Dr. Morris' own words..

Belmor's Pretty missy was an outstanding performer and producer. She had over 30 placements in setter, continental breed and American Field trials, competing in Georgia, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

In 1975 she was GSCA Puppy of the Year and placed second for Derby of the Year. The following year, she won the GSCA Derby award. She had 22 puppy and derby placements during 1975-76. From all indications, it was anticipated that she would set records in senior stakes. However, her career as a gundog and shooting dog was cut short due to a crippling knee injury sustained on a hunting trip in 1977. Three operations over the next three years failed to correct the problem. As a result, she was only run in a limited number of adult stakes. Nevertheless, she was able to earn second place in the 1980 Gun Dog of the Year award.

She produced outstanding field dogs; the most notable of these is FC/AFC Belmor's Pretty Belle. Missy's field application was characterized by excellent ground cover and animated run with a cracking tail. Her snappy way of going and style on point captured the judges and the galleries' eyes.


Imagine the mark that Missy could have made on the FT community, and the Gordon setter world in general, if not for a severe injury... In any case, her class has been passed on to numerous get, and the name of Belmor's Pretty Missy is found in many a Field Gordon's pedigree today.

The dam of one of the all-time great Gordon setters, Missy has undoubtedly made her mark on the Gordon Setter world...


  1. Bill,from all these dogs you keep posting,you must have a copy of Blu's pedigree.

    I guess you know what I found.

  2. I imagine that you found Missy in Blu's pedigree, and it doesn't surprise me one bit.
    Blu is from Gordon royalty, and it shows!