Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Road to Tinkhamtown

This short story by Corey Ford has been referred to as the best piece of Sporting literature ever written, and while I don't claim to have read them all for comparison, I cannot fathom anything better.

Corey Ford lived for October. He owned a Setter named 'Tober, and it's this month that brings the old story to mind. I've read it over many times, and I consider it required reading for anyone who loves to tramp the uplands behind a classic Setter.

The story is part of The Corey Ford Sporting Treasury, published by Willow Press, which also contains the Minutes of the Lower Forty. This book is an excellent investment, and will provide many hours of enjoyment because it can be read over and over, and more minutiae missed in the previous reading will appear.

For those that have never enjoyed The Road to Tinkhamtown, it can be found on the internet, but the above book compiled by Laurie Morrow is the way to go to enjoy Mr. Ford's writings..

So, go and read some Corey Ford! There will be a test...


  1. B&T...

    "The Road to Tinkhamtown" is also my favorite story! I've asked my family to read it at my funeral when I pass on to better Upland Coverts! I'll have my dogs' ashes and my hunting vest and Filson boots with me!!

    Thanks for your post!


  2. Reading Tinkhamtown is something I like to do every year so pulled my copy and enjoyed it again tonight.
    Thanks for the reminder!